Burhan Kartal graduated from Istanbul University Sociology Department yet he took a different path and chose to follow his heart and collected antique rugs and kilims.

Burhan’s ambition, passion and knowledge on rugs helped him to build a unique collection with special and handpicked antique pieces and to collect many friends all over the World throughout the years. He has been holding the  privilege to deliver extremely rare and unique pieces to their new owners from various countries. Today, his passion runs within the family as well as his son, Rohat, currently helps him to publicize and promote this niche collection.

On top of the rug business, Burhan has published two books in both Turkish and Kurdish titled as “Bıruki Asireti ve Kinyas Kartal” which he sociologically examines the roots of his tribe and his uncle Kinyas Kartal’s political career and “Bir Nefes Bir Fikra Pekenok” where he focuses on sociological subjects of Eastern Anatolia within a humorous perspective.

Burhan Kartal speaks 6 languages and have two kids and two grand kids. He currently lives in his hometown Van, Turkey with the love of his life Neriman.